Saturday, 28 June 2014

Sun protection - TonyMoly, Innisfree, Biore, Bioderma

L-R: Tony Moly UV Sunset spray, Tony Moly UV Sunset balm, Innisfree eco safety aqua sun gel, Tony Moly UV Sunset smartok powder, Biore UV Aqua rich watery essence, Bioderma photoderm max

Growing up in Australia, the importance of protecting my skin from the sun has always been drilled into me ever since I was a little kid. We used to have a rule at school called 'no hate no play' meaning if we forgot to wear out hat during lunch time we had to sit in the shade.

Now I mostly focus on protecting both my skin and eyes from the harmful UV rays that we experience in Australia. I have tried many different brands of sunscreen and found that Asian brands have a lighter non greasy texture than their Western counterparts. Asian brands of sunscreen also have higher SPF ratings. My favourite sunscreen texture is the gel type which has a watery base like the Innisfree eco safety aqua sun gel SPF 30 and the Biore UV aqua rich water essence SPF 50+ PA+++. It goes on smoothly and does not leave a sticky residue or white cast. When applied, these 2 sunscreens are also very cooling and refreshing. I also enjoy using the TonyMoly UV Sunset range which consists of the sun balm, smartok powder and facial sun spray. These products are very convenient and I usually use these to top up throughout the day if I'm out and about. Although the sun balm needs to be applied on dust free skin as it tends to attract dust which then gets stuck onto the balm when you apply with the sponge applicator. The Bioderma photoderm max SPF 50+ is one that I only apply on my body. I usually take this to the beach with me as the texture is a little sticky for every day use. It comes in a spray bottle which is quite handy.

What's your favourite sunscreen?

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