Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Caudalie favourites and staples

Caudalie gentle cleanser, lip balm, beauty elixir
Caudalie is one of those luxurious but natural feeling brands. It feels like products from a spa. I first found out about this brand when a lot of bloggers were raving about the Caudalie Beauty Elixir. Being curious, I tried out some of their products and ended up really liking a few.

First up is the Caudalie gentle cleanser. The one pictured is the old formula. I heard they reformulated the cleanser and now people don't like it as much as the old. I actually have a 100ml bottle of the new formula which I forgot to include in the photo above. It seems quite a bit thicker and does not have the soothing scent of the old one. This is my second bottle of this cleanser and I absolutely adore it. I cleanse my face with this cleanser after I have removed my makeup. The scent really helps me to relax. It also makes my skin feel really cleansed but soothed afterwards. I also use the Caudalie Beauty Elixir (which I find quite expensive). I mainly use this at my desk when I study and need something to help me keep awake. I know this sounds like the biggest waste of money but this really works to keep be refreshed and ready to continue studying. Lastly I have both the old and new formula of the Caudalie lip conditioner. Again like the gentle cleanser, I have read a lot of reviews saying that the old formula of the lip conditioner is much better than the new. I find that the old lip conditioner (green wording) is creamier and seems to sink into the lips more. It also has a vanilla-ish scent. The new lip conditioner (purple wording) has a more distinct and artificial scent which reminds me of gummy lollies. The balm is also flat where as the old tube had a lip stick bullet. I do find that the old formula is more nourishing and has a subtler scent. The new just seems like a regular lipbalm and does not help chapped lips.

Have you tried any Caudalie products?

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