Friday, 31 August 2012

Hi today I wanted to review some lip tints that i use on a daily basis. I find lip tints work really well because they stay on throughout the day and the ones I have also have a really natural colour which I love :D

The 3 I have are:
1. Tony Moly Milky Tint in pink
2. Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in pink
3. Peri Pera tint in milky pink

L to R: Tony Moly, Peri Pera, Etude House

My favourite is the Tony Moly just because the pink is lighter and more natural. It smells the best too! Etude House is a bit brighter but still quite a light pink. This one smells like artificial cherry flavour. I haven't tried PeriPera one on my lips but from the swatch it looks more orange and dark...not sure how I will like it on. It has a more artificial scent similar to glue :S All of these do feel a bit drying so I always put lip balm on top.

Tony Moly Milky Tint - Pink

Peri Pera Milky Tint - Milky Pink

Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint - Pink

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Favourite Lip Balms

Thought I'd start off with an easy post. I am addicted to lip balm. I think I have over 20 just sitting at home with over half of them still in their packaging lol. Not sure why but whenever I see new lip balms I just want to try them out.

So I have tried heaps of different lip balms and currently have 3 favourites.

1. Shiseido Moilip
2. Nivea Peach
3. Kose Vague

From L to R: Shiseido Moilip, Kose Vague, Nivea Peach

Shiseido Moilip - This is a really moisturising lip balm with a unique texture. It's not sticky or waxy and makes your lips really smooth. I think it's the most conditioning lip balm I've ever tried. Definitely my favourite of the 3. It doesn't have a scent.  This was actually awarded the best lip balm in the awards for 2009.

Nivea Peach - I love the peach scent of this one. Whenever I put it on people always say it smells really good :) This is also a conditioning lip balm but can feel like it just sits on your lips a bit and doesn't sink in as well as the Moilip. Think it's also only available in Japan. I stocked up on these when i was there haha.

Kose Vague - This used to be my favourite before I tried the Moilip. It is made of food grade ingredients and doesn't have a scent. The only complaint I have about this one is that the tube is soooo small. I think I have gone through 5 of these already and have another 5 stashed away waiting for me to use them. The gold metal packaging is really pretty though.

Nivea Peach

Kose Vague

Shiseido Moilip

Helloo. After years of buying and trying out skincare and makeup products I thought it would be useful to do reviews etc. I've always been too lazy to actually create a blog but today I was procrastinating and decided to do it haha.