Sunday, 9 September 2012

Lancome Tendre Travel Palette Review

I really wanted the Urban Decay Naked Palette a while ago but didn't want to spend $50 plus shipping getting it since I probably wouldn't use all the colours in the palette as there are some really dark ones included. While browsing on I saw the Lancome Tendre Travel Palette and I decided to get it since it was quite a lot cheaper and also had eyeshadows that I could get better use out of. I think I paid around $36 for the palette including shipping. It seems to have sold out on right now.

It comes in a super pretty black plastic case with a magnetic closure plus a velvety pouch. It tends to get fingerprints on it though.

The palette comes with 4 eyeshadows, a blush, 2 lipglosses and some brushes. I really like this palette since the colours are so soft and natural. I have only tried the 4 eyeshadows and love them all. I got the palette knowing that I wouldn't really use the 2 lipglosses just because I don't like lip gloss. I will try the blush soon though as it is a colour that I can see myself using every day.

The eyeshadows are soooo creamy and also very pigmented. They are nearly all shimmery though. The least shimmery one is the dark brown. I'm really happy I got this palette instead of the Naked palette because these 4 colours are basically all the ones I need :)

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