Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Etude House Dear Girls Lip Balm Review

Today I will be reviewing the new Etude House lipbalm in No. 1 - the nourishing type. Etude House came out with these early April I believe and there are 3 types:

No. 1 - Full of nutrients
No. 2 - Smooth and moist
No. 3 - Twinkling glass bead

I chose No. 1 because I wanted a heavier duty balm that was not shiny or shimmery like No 2 and 3.

It comes in a metal tub and is a bit smaller than the usual lip balm tins. It contains 9grams of product rather than the usual 16ml lip balm tins.

The first thing I noticed when opening the tin is that it smells like coke bottle gummy lollies... it is a slightly sweet citrus scent that is quite pleasant.

I am extremely picky with lip balms since I have tried so many types and brands. This Etude House one works surprisingly well. It feels heavy duty and slightly thick but it is not sticky and seems to last quite a while on the lips. It also doesn't just sit on top of my lips.. I can feel it being absorbed and making my lips soft.

Etude House Dear Girls lip balm - No. 1

Etude House Dear Girls lip balm - No. 1

The only thing is that the balm takes a bit of 'breaking in'. I had to swirl my finger in the balm a few times before I could manage to get some product out. Other than that I really enjoy this lip balm and I would say it is worth the $6 aud I paid for it on ebay (in korea in costs around $4).

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