Saturday, 18 August 2012

Favourite Lip Balms

Thought I'd start off with an easy post. I am addicted to lip balm. I think I have over 20 just sitting at home with over half of them still in their packaging lol. Not sure why but whenever I see new lip balms I just want to try them out.

So I have tried heaps of different lip balms and currently have 3 favourites.

1. Shiseido Moilip
2. Nivea Peach
3. Kose Vague

From L to R: Shiseido Moilip, Kose Vague, Nivea Peach

Shiseido Moilip - This is a really moisturising lip balm with a unique texture. It's not sticky or waxy and makes your lips really smooth. I think it's the most conditioning lip balm I've ever tried. Definitely my favourite of the 3. It doesn't have a scent.  This was actually awarded the best lip balm in the awards for 2009.

Nivea Peach - I love the peach scent of this one. Whenever I put it on people always say it smells really good :) This is also a conditioning lip balm but can feel like it just sits on your lips a bit and doesn't sink in as well as the Moilip. Think it's also only available in Japan. I stocked up on these when i was there haha.

Kose Vague - This used to be my favourite before I tried the Moilip. It is made of food grade ingredients and doesn't have a scent. The only complaint I have about this one is that the tube is soooo small. I think I have gone through 5 of these already and have another 5 stashed away waiting for me to use them. The gold metal packaging is really pretty though.

Nivea Peach

Kose Vague

Shiseido Moilip

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