Saturday, 14 June 2014

Pampering and destressing favourites

It is currently exam period for me so naturally I get quite stressed while studying for exams. To counter the effect that stress has on my body I like to make some time for myself at least once every week to destress and wind down.

Some of my favourites include L'occitane hand cream in lavender. I usually use this while studying as it has a therapeutic lavender scent which helps me stay calm. Another favourite is my Sukin Hydrating Mist Toner. I am absolutely in love with this toner as it has a soft rose and chamomile scent. It is also hydrating and refreshing when sprayed onto the face. I think this is my 4th bottle of the toner. I have run out of backups of it and will need to restock soon. Moa's the green balm also helps when I'm stressed as I find i tend to get dry patches on my face when stressed. I apply a small amount of Moa the green balm to my face and it seems to fix the problem well. The green balm also works wonders on my hair. I use it to smooth the ends of hair and it adds shine to hair without looking oily or greasy. When my eyes get tired from staring at the computer screen and books for too long I use this lavender scented eye mask. It can be microwaved and helps relieve tired eyes. Lastly I like using the Dr. Hauschka lip balm pot while studying as it has a subtle herbal scent.

What do you do to help you destress?


  1. I like having a shower with my favorite Lush shampoo, it leaves a beautiful scent.. ^-^ I also like candles with sweet scents such as chocolate or vanilla. Yankee Candles are awesome, but Erbolario's candle are my fave.

    1. A vanilla scented candle sounds delicious!