Monday, 5 November 2012

French Pharmacy Skincare Haul

Recently my skin was acting up and very sensitive. I started getting really itchy and flaky skin around my eyebrows and on either side of my nose. I tried putting on masks and slapping on more moisturiser but it would still get flaky by the end of the day. So I looked for some moisturising skincare which was aimed at sensitive skin. The first sensitive skincare I tried was the skin recovery cream by Avene. After around 2 months of using it religiously day and night it fixed all my flakiness and itchiness!!!

Then....I started researching into more of the French Pharmacy skincare products and made a few orders from =__=

They have a huge range of french skincare and at quite low prices too (compared to Australia).

Products shown:

Nuxe reve de miel hand cream- quite a good hand cream and isn't sticky.

Caudalie beauty elixir - refreshing spray... but not really seeing any results yet

La Roche Posay tinted moisturiser - this is an ok product but I found that it only works if I apply one thin layer. If I try to apply a second layer it tends to rub off the first layer and I'm left with nothing.

La Roche Posay Hydreane Legere - haven't tried this yet

La Roche Posay ceralip - I read from amodelrecommends that this lip balm was really good.. but on me it actually made my lips flakier :S

La Roche Posay nutrilip- this is very thin but is much better than the ceralip for me. After it dries up my lips actually feel moisturised and repaired.

La Roche Posay physiological soothing toner - haven't tried

Avene skin recovery cream - repurchase since I finished the first tube. Really really good moisturiser for my sensitive and dry skin in winter. But since the weather is getting warmer I find that this is a bit too much and leaves my dry skin feeling slightly oily and heavy.

Avene gentle milk cleanser- haven't tried

Avene extremely gentle cleanser - haven't tried

Overall I'm quite happy with my french skincare finds but some of them are a bit disappointing especially the ceralip and tinted moisturiser.