Saturday, 22 September 2012

Kanebo Media Blush Review

I discovered Kanebo Media when I went to Hong Kong last summer. They have a whole range of cheaper priced makeup. But only the blushes really caught my eye since there were so many colours and they all looked so natural.

The packaging is kind of and clear plastic. But the brush that is included is SO soft and is really all you need to apply the product.

I only got 2 colours: PK2 and RD1

L to R: PK2 , RD1

I don't remember the price but I think they were around $6 each which is quite cheap I thought. PK2 is really nice dusty pink colour with slight shimmer which are not really noticeable. RD1 is a bright coral colour and is more pigmented than the pink. I have to be careful when using the RD1 since a little goes a long way. I use the pink one on a daily basis so it's slowly running out. These are really silky blushes with good colour payoff. Definitely worth the money.
Top to bottom: RD1, PK2
Hmm I can't seem to rotate the photo haha. PK2 looks really sheer in that photo but it actually shows up really well on my face.

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