Saturday, 9 February 2013

Current favourite lip balms

So I remember one of my firsts posts was one about my favourite lip balms... I am addicted to lip balms so I am constantly buying and trying new things. I love nivea balms and so when I saw the new Nivea lip balms I went ahead and bought them on ebay. Australia doesn't have these yet and I think we will never get them :( We seem to have a limited range of everything it really frustrates me sometimes...

I really like the smell of the caramel cream one it smells just like butterscotch lollies. The raspberry rose is also nice but I haven't been liking fruity smells much lately.. maybe because the weather is getting slightly cooler. These feel really moisturising and are very thick and smooth. But they still are not as good as my bloved shiseido moilip since after this stuff dries/sinks in my lips get chapped again. With the moilip balm my lips feel repaired and are smooth even after the balm wears off.

Next is the Burt's bees tinted lip balm in hibiscus. This is a really natural every day colour. I also got the pink blossom one but since I am currently doing an internship in an office environment, the hisbiscus colour seems like the more appropriate daily colour. This balm feels really soothing and has quite good colour payoff. My only complaint is that the colour gets everywhere... all over cups, drink bottles etc. I guess it is expected though since it is a tinted lip balm and not a lip stain etc. I may use this more when I go back to uni where I won't be drinking much out of glasses so noone will be able to see the gross imprint left on it. I bought this from because it is costs $15 in Australia which is ridiculous.

Lastly I tried the Suisse programme hydra solution 24 hr lip balm... such a long name. I got this from I have been browsing at this one online for quite a while and decided to pick it up when it was half price for $10 USD. This is actually quite a nice lip balm. It is unscented and glides on smoothly. It is slightly glossy though so if I put too much it will look like clear lip gloss. It works well too probably better than the Nivea ones. It contains squalene which I found unusual... but who knows. I have been using this as a night treatment.

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