Sunday, 27 January 2013

Korean Lipstick Review: Holika holika, Tony Moly

I have always liked Asian lipsticks over the western brands since they tend to be lighter and sheerer with a more glossy finish. I find that Korean lipsticks are quite affordable and also really high quality.

I like Tony Moly and Holika Holika lipsticks better than the Etude House ones that I have tried because they are more moisturising and the colour selection is better (I like sheer nude pinks and peaches).

The lipsticks I will be reviewing today are:

Holika Holika Heart Ful Moisture Lipstick - Baby Beige

This one comes in a super cute metallic pink tube and an even cuter heart shaped bullet. When I first got this it was too pretty to use haha. The colour is the typical pink beige. It's not quite as moist or glossy as I usually like. But it's not bad I guess..

Holika Holika Face to Change Sheer Lipstick

I LOVE this lipstick. It is so glossy and sheer <3

I got 2 colours BR504 Smokey Pink and PK120 Glory Pink.

My favourite is the BR504 because it is such a natural everyday colour. The PK120 I don't like as much since there doesn't seem to be much colour. On my lips it just looks like sparkles :(

These apply really smoothly and feels like lip balm on the lips. But since its so smooth and light it tends to slip and slide if I apply too many layers.

PK120 Glory Pink

BR504 Smokey Pink

L to R: PK120, BR504
 Tony Moly Prestige Lipstick Glossy

I don't remember the name of the colour since it is in Korean but it is number 02. This is a sheer coral peach colour and going by the name it is super glossy. Right up my alley. The only thing I don't like about this is the packaging since the tube clicks open which I find annoying. Also it is a bit bulky.

 Tony Moly Berryberry Lovely Stick - PKLS02

At first I didn't like this one because it makes me look really ghostly white. For some reason mid tone pinks just look awful on me. But I found that if I just apply a light layer of this my lips look really youthful and moisturised. This also smells fruity which I like.

Tony Moly Prestige Crystal Lipstick- 01 Muse Pink

I absolutely hate this lipstick. I bought it online and looked like a natural peach colour. But when applied on my lips it is a bright barbie pink. The formula is also quite dry and not moisturising at all.

L to R: Prestige Glossy lipstick, Berryberry Lovely Stick, Prestige Crystal lipstick

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