Monday, 24 September 2012

Figs & Rouge - All Purpose Balms

Hello another lip balm review today. I bought these Figs & Rouge balms off a while ago because I'm always on the hunt for new lipbalms. They are also sold in Australia David Jones but the price is more than double the price on asos. I decided to try these because I heard it was Emma Watson's favourite lip balm haha and I got sucked in. Turns out they are actually really good and moisturising.

The scents I got were Rambling Rose and Aloe & Mint.

The Aloe & Mint one came in a 17 ml tin whereas Rambling Rose was only 7ml. They both have a really natural and fresh scent to them. At first I really hated the smell of the rose one because you could taste the essential oils after you applied the product to your lips. The Aloe one didn't have this problem. But after using the rose one for a while I got used to the smell and actually like it as it makes me feel relaxed. The texture is a little strange because it feels lumpy when you first apply it... slightly gritty. Once you rub it onto your skin the balm melts and it becomes really smooth and moisturising. 

I liked these so much I have used a significant amount of the rose one. I only recently started using the Aloe one since I didn't want to have too many open tins of lip balm lying around. But I really couldn't resist haha. The Aloe one also has a bit of a tingling sensation after you apply it since there is mint as well. The product is marketed as being an all purpose balm but personally I think it is a bit too greasy to apply this to my skin so I just stick to using it as a lip balm. 

Overall these are a really good lip balm and quite a cheap option too. 

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