Saturday, 24 May 2014

Makeup bag essentials

I work part time in an office environment where there is aircon and heating all the time. This really dries out my skin so there are a few products that I must have with me at all times. Lip balm is my obsession so I always carry it around. I'm currently using the Dior Creme De Rose which I love. It smells like soft roses and has a pretty pale pink colour which goes on clear. It is one of the most moisturising lip balms I have tried (I have tried many). I heard this was being discontinued? Not too sure about that though. I also always carry a tube of hand cream with me. My hands always get really dry and uncomfortable while typing at work. The L'occitane limited edition one in passionate jasmine has the original formula but smells like jasmines. It is not too overwhelming but instead a very pleasant slightly sweet smelling jasmine. For my cuticles or any dry patches I reach for my Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream (fragrance free version). To be honest I bought this initially just because it was so hyped up. I was curious about why everyone loved it so much. After trying this I can see why it is loved. However, I do have to say that for me it is not as much of a miracle worker as everyone says. It does moisturise my lips and dry patches. But I have other balms that can do that too. I carry this one for the convenience of it being in a tube.

For makeup, I like using neutral pinks like the Dior Addict lipstick in 564 Model. This is the perfect daytime pink that just brightens up my complexion. I also carry around a bold coloured lipstick for days I go out after work. I'm currently loving the Mamonde creamy tint in the colour matte pop rose. I wore this the whole night and only touch up once. It does not transfer and fades evenly and gradually. But it still leaves a vivid tint on your lips.

Lastly, I also carry around a hair tie just incase.

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